Finally meeting in person

The first hands4health face-to-face workshop took place on August 30, 2021. It was a milestone for the consortium, as many of the partners had not met in person yet. The day-long meeting occurred at the FHNW in Muttenz, Basel, with a total of 18 participants.

The morning session focused mainly on discussions and updates on the project activities and workplan. In the afternoon, multiple group work activities were held, and participants were introduced to the concept of Theory of Change (ToC) via remote presentation from an expert in the field.

The workshop was an overall success, as it enabled partners to:

  • Get to know each other;
  • Discuss questions and project activities;
  • Define next steps;
  • Brainstorm on important topics, such as data sharing, stakeholder mapping etc.

We are excited to see how the project will continue to evolve and hope to have more f2f meetings soon!