RANAS campaigns: an overview

The behaviour change pillar in the hands4health project will systematically develop and test behaviour change campaigns targeting hand hygiene behaviour in health care facilities and schools based on the RANAS approach.

The expected result is safe and frequent hand hygiene behaviour in different user groups of health care facilities and schools. The focus is set on health care staff and school children in particular. Local implementation partners are involved throughout the whole development and implementation process of the behaviour change campaigns.

Piloting RANAS campaigns in Palestine

In Palestine, the RANAS behaviour change campaigns are currently being piloted. A total of 16 activities will be undertaken in 3 different schools in Hebron (Akka School, Casablanca School and Mercy School), implemented by Cesvi. So far, 13 activities have been conducted, in which pupils learned about the effect of handwashing on germs, how to correctly wash hands, how to make soap, among others. All activities were integrated into the science classes or break time.

Next week, the 3 activities remaining under the piloting phase will be completed. On October 17th, the local partners will celebrate Global Handwashing Day at Casablanca School, drawing on the school walls and performing related handwashing activities with the students. The last 2 activities will be finalised by October 18th, at Akka School.  

Next steps

Later in October, the intervention phase will be started. A total of 10 schools have been selected: 7 in Hebron, 2 in Ramallah and 1 in Nablus. Cesvi is currently preparing the implementation stage according to the needs of each school. The intervention will be kicked-off at the Wadi Al Ten School (Ramallah), as they face the worst situation among the 10 schools. It will comprise the construction of two bathrooms, as well assistance to the school’s needs regarding access to the water network. The intervention phase will also include RANAS behaviour change campaigns, with 3-5 activities per school.