Terre des Hommes enhances the Capabilities of Gravit’eau Maintenance Teams

As part of the hands4health project, a series of trainings was organized by the Terre des Hommes team in Burkina Faso to improve technical skills in the Dédougou health district. These training sessions, held on May 7th and 8th, 2024, aim to strengthen the autonomy and efficiency of local health infrastructure.

©Tdh – Presenting the research results to the Ministry of Health partners and community members

During these training sessions, emphasis was placed on the management of Gravit’eau handwashing stations. The participants, composed of healthcare workers and community members, were specifically trained in the construction, maintenance and repair of sand filters, essential components of these stations. These filters play a crucial role in water treatment, trapping solids and fats before the water is recycled into the filtration system.

©Tdh – Maintenance exercise carried out by participants

Jacques Baoula, a worker at the Tikan Health and Social Promotion Center, testified to the direct impact of this training:

We have learned how to make the sand filters and also how to maintain the Gravit’eau handwashing stations. Now, we are able to independently maintain this handwashing system in our various health centers.

The hands4health project, active since January 2021 and extending until December 2024, is committed to improving sanitary conditions in the districts of Dédougou, Boromo, and Toma. By equipping local professionals with the necessary skills to maintain sanitary infrastructure, these training sessions play a crucial role in reducing the transmission of diseases and improving the quality of life in communities.