Cesvi is an Italian secular and independent humanitarian organisation, founded in Bergamo in 1985. Human solidarity and social justice are the main values that guide Cesvi’s actions in 23 countries all over the world, with more than 1.5 million beneficiaries reached in 2018.

Cesvi has worked in Palestine since 1994. Over the years, it has developed a strong expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and management of environmental resources. Solid waste management, water, and energy are the main sectors of activities. Cesvi initiatives always pay attention to the capacity building of local actors and protection of vulnerable people.

Relevant experiences

Humanitarian, development and research projects from different donors: Humanitarian Innovation Fund – field evaluation of water filter system; UNICEF – innovative handwashing stations (water reuse) for schools and health care facilities; Italian Cooperation Jerusalem office – improving water quality at point of use. Cesvi has been applying innovative systematic behaviour change for handwashing, open defecation and water filters, and has strong competences in implementing the RANAS approach.

Role in the hands4health project

Coordination and evaluation of the innovations. Local market assessment. Setting up of the local supply chain and logistics. Data collection. User centered design. Behaviour change implementation and evaluation. Co-development of the scale up and diffusion strategies. Capacity development. Stakeholder engagement. Coordination with local ministries (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Palestinian Water Authority). Cesvi has the lead in Palestine.

Work package(s)

  • WP 3 – User-centered design approach (lead: Cesvi, co-lead Tdh)
  • WP 4 – Behaviour change strategy (lead: RANAS)
  • WP 5 – Holistic approach to implementation (lead: FHNW)
  • WP 6 – Impact evaluation (lead: Swiss TPH, co-lead: PPU)
  • WP 8 – Adoption at scale (lead: Tdh)

More info

More information about Cesvi’s expertise and work portfolio can be found directly on their website.