PPU – Palestine Polytechnic University


Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) is one of the top-ranked universities in Palestine in the fields of technical, technological and vocational higher education.

It provides 70+ handpicked and labour market-demanded programmes. Serving more than 7’000 students, PPU comprises 550 qualified and specialised academicians and staff members in 6 main colleges: Engineering and Technology, Medicine and Life Sciences, IT and Computer Engineering, Applied Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Informatics, and Applied Professions.

PPU provides applied research in the fields of water and environment health through the Centre of Excellence in Water, Environment and Energy Research and Services. One of the main research areas in the center is water and sanitation, represented by various projects in partnership with international and local communities and industries.

The center provides technical solutions for water quality, drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and domestic sanitation (disposal of toxins and chemicals to promote water reuse in industrial or agricultural settings).

Relevant experiences

PPU’s participation in this project is facilitated through the Center of Excellence for Water, Environment and Energy Research and Services. The Center hosts vivid researchers who have been leading many initiatives, with the main focus on technical research in water, wastewater, and environmental quality. The main outcomes of the current projects are technical and scientific solutions including recommendations in the fields of water, wastewater and the environment, focused on industrial sectors.

PPU is an active member in the “Capacity Building in WASH and CSA Education and Research in Palestine”, funded by the Orange Knowledge Institutional Collaboration Projects. This project tackles efficient water management for climate smart agriculture (CSA) and improved access to water and sanitation (WASH) through good governance and sound technical management. In addition, PPU researchers are members of three other initiatives in the fields of water and wastewater funded by PADUCO. These projects include components of orientation to policy and management capacities that mildly represent the needed capacity for expert policy makers and regulation developers.

Role in the hands4health project

Leading role in the technology evaluation and choice for the local context; impact evaluation; water quality analysis; user-centered design evaluation, data collection and analysis; and quality control. Co-development of the multi-criteria decision analysis methodology.

Work package(s)

More info

More information about PPU’s expertise and work portfolio can be found directly on their website.