Swiss TPH – Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute


The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is a world-leading institute in global health, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries (LMIC’s). With the aim to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide, Swiss TPH combines research, services and education.

With more than 300 projects in 135 countries, Swiss TPH works across a value chain – from innovation and validation to application in real-live settings. At the main office in Allschwil near Basel, Switzerland, as well as in partner institutions worldwide, it has more than 850 employees from 86 countries.

Relevant experiences

Swiss TPH builds on strong partnerships across the globe. It has long-standing collaborations with institutions in all partner countries of the hands4health project. In the hands4health project, the main role of the team at Swiss TPH is to contribute with its expertise in health impact assessment (HIA) and health impact evaluations. Furthermore, Swiss TPH has extensive experience in capacity development, stakeholder engagement and policy dialogues with stakeholders from research institutions, policy makers, NGOs and the private sector.

Role in the hands4health project

Public health and impact evaluation expertise. Methodology development and implementation for impact evaluation and health impact assessment. Technical inputs to the overall approach of the project. Capacity development in health impact assessment. Stakeholder engagement.

Work package(s)

  • WP 3 – User-centered design approach (lead: Cesvi, co-lead Tdh)
  • WP 6 – Impact evaluation (lead: Swiss TPH, co-lead: PPU)
  • WP 8 – Adoption at scale (lead: Tdh)

More info

More information about Swiss TPH’s expertise and work portfolio can be found directly on their website.